Elementary School
"Fundamentals & Discovery"

We are committed to ensuring that all students learn and discover in an opportunity-rich, safe environment and understand that every student possesses a uniqueness that must be nurtured and supported to bear fruit. Thus, students will learn under the Christian tenets of respect, community, love, enthusiasm, capability, and purpose. These foundational principles create the backbone to engage with the wider world and a compass to navigate discovery and enlightenment.


From a young age, students will learn the importance of responsibility for one’s own behavior, independent and critical thinking, creativity, and leadership through a curriculum structured around consistent achievement, acquisition of strong fundamental concepts, and discovery through experiential learning.


Discovery centers around experiential learning, such as personal projects, hands-on activities, simulations, and field trips. We believe that it is important for students to create firm roots in traditional academics yet also experience the diversity and eclectic world that we live in.